08. Resource Management

Includes both physical and human resources. This knowledge area has six processes, with some emphasis on management theories.

One key takeaway here is that a good project manager not only can keep activities and tasks planned and organized, but can also lead people.

The approach for this area is

  1. Define and carefully manage physical resources on the project
  2. Define a role for everyone and their responsibilities. 

Being a project manager is about influencing others while not being given absolute authority. A good PM gives responsibility and authority to team members and expects positive results and accountability in return.

This idea includes understanding Emotional Intelligence, being able to manage their own emotions and those on the team.

Process Group Resource Management Process
Initiating None
Planning Plan Resource Management, Estimate Activity Resources
Executing Acquire Resources, Develop Team, Manage Team
Monitoring & Controlling Control Resources
Closing None

Process Primary Outputs
Plan Resource Management Resource Management Plan
Team Charter
Estimate Activity Resources Resource Requirements Resource Breakdown Structure
Acquire Resources Physical Resource Assignments
Project Team Assignments
Resource Calendars
Develop Team Team Performance Assessment
Manage Team Change Requests
Control Resources Work Performance Information