05. Schedule Management

This knowledge area is concerned with activities, scheduling, and schedule management. The schedule should be built from the ground up using the scope baseline and should be managed throughout the life of the project. While also staying flexible enough to accommodate planned and unplanned schedule changes.

Six Processes

  1. Plan Schedule Management: Planning out the next five processes
  2. Define Activities: List the project activities
  3. Sequence Activities: Order the activities and create the project network diagram
  4. Estimate Activity Duration: Determine time estimates for each activity
  5. Develop Schedule: Create the schedule
  6. Control Schedule: Monitor and adjust schedule performance

The schedule is not just made from suggested dates – it is calculated based on the work to be done and should conform to other calendar requirements, constraints, and strategic goals.

A change to scope, schedule, or cost will specifically affect the other two.

A project manager should typically start from the bottom of the WBS and work their way up. Paying attention to the estimated duration of each work package, and how each package is sequenced. 

Schedule Management Processes

Process Group Schedule Management Process
Initiating none
Planning Plan Schedule Management, Define Activities, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Durations, Develop Schedule
Executing none
Monitoring & Controlling Control Schedule
Closing none

Main Outputs for Schedule Management

Process Key Output
Plan Schedule Management Schedule Management Plan
Define Activities Activity List, Activity Attributes
Sequence Activities Project Schedule Network Diagram
Estimate Activity Duration Activity Duration Estimates
Develop Schedule Project Schedule, Schedule Baseline
Control Schedule Work Performance Information, Change Requests, Schedule Forecasts